Thursday, 20 August 2009

One typical night

Ashton was totally engrossed in watching his favourite Fun Song Factory @_@

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday = Funday

The Hou family's LAO DA

Mummy's beloved boys :)


Ashton and sarah the ultimate sound makers in the Hou's household ;)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

August the second - 8 MO Ashton updates~

Hello, this is Emily Kong, Ashton's little nicece who came out to see the world on the 10th July 2009. She is a cutie pie and very very guai to compared to her ko ko, Ashton's first month of life :P

Not forgetting to mention, Emily is born with a full head of black hair!!! My Ashton boy's hair up to 8MO still look like the fur of Orang Utan, his daddy says. :P

During 4th July, uncle Yik Qiang & Ivy ee ee treated us to nice japanese restaurant to celebrate uncle yik qiang's 28th birthday. Uncle yik qiang almost took away Ashton's first kiss!!!

Ivy ee ee said she wanna have a pic with Ashton boy laughing frantically... here you go... one big hearty laughter from my happy nut~

Ashton surely loves the camera!!! :D

Big accomplishment in the month of July...Ashton is officially a professional CRAWLER now!

He can't stand being thrown into his wooden cage though...*thinks* Born free :P


Ashton boy hanging out at aunty siaw juen's room and getting busybody with everything...

Ashton: Please dun leave me here alone mommy!!!! I am scared!!!

Ashton is 8 months old now... the journey feels unbelievably fast... there are so much changes and new milestones accomplished by him everyday that sometimes i feel it's happening too fast that i am unable to catch it... and at one point i just kinda had this thought...
*Hug and kiss him while you still can because very very soon he will grow wings and fly away to see the big big world*
Only now i know how amazing it is being a mother. After going through all the hardship and suffering times of baby caring... it all just felt so worthwhile when you see him growing up healthily and happily... the joy and sweetness when seeing his hearty laughters cannot be described with words... Magical motherhood.
God bless all mothers out there ;)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Recent Updatesssssss

It's been quite a while since i last updated this blog. The lazy worm in me kinda take over my motivated self. Nevertheless, motivation strikes today and i feel it's only right to put up some recent pictures of little Ashton and share a little of our daily happenings.
Ashton is 5 months old now. Other than being our bundle of joy, he is a super duper ladies magnet. This happens every time we bring him out and about in malls and eateries.

This is the way he sleeps early in the morning. He actually sleeps longer and more soundly with this posture!

And according to my observation, he will be catching up with daddy's compulsory Dota and gaming lifestyle in no time~ -_-

Somehow, he is still a mummy's boy :)

We just can't stop him from sucking his thumb....fingers and sometimes the whole fist...

He has befriended little lion and giraffe... and mess around with them on daily basis.

I am so glad that he is cheerful and playful most of the time. Our happy little bud.

He can also held his head high for a longer time now.

And last but not least another update is...
I cut my hair silly again but i kinda like this look this time ;P

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Ashton Boy at age 3 months

I am daddy's Allstar~

... and as fierce as a LION~

And I have my own VIP seat in the car~

I totally LOVE car ride~

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Birth Day

And March the 10th is coming to an end again...

And this year this time is a little different than last year. Little Ashton is added into the picture. My little one who now share this day with us and the rest of the family. He brings so much joy into our lives.

And on this day, i feel most grateful to my mother who bravely beared labour pain to give birth to me. 25 years ago.

And yes, i've told her thank you first thing in the call.

Birthday is not just about me... it's giving thanks to the mother who so selflessly suffered pain to lead me into this world.

Mother, thank you and I love you.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

V Day 2009

One new member is added to celebrate Valentine's Day with us this year and we celebrated it family-style with a brief 2days1night getaway to Damai Puri Beach Resort.

Curious little Ashton had a great time exploring interesting places with his big round eyes. Over the whole trip, he just got a little grumpy over dinner at the Palm Garden restaurant probably caused by the hot weather.

Valentine's this year gave us a whole new meaning of celebration and I'm so happy we are celebrating it with Ashton and the whole family. It is a sweet and memorable weekend.
I feel so loved. :)

Friday, 19 December 2008

My Boys

2 Most important boys in my life now

Ashton Hou Ben Sheng born 2nd December 2008. You let mummy grew up over night. Only till that moment did mummy realized how not easy it is to be a mother.

Ashton and daddy,

Diana loves

Saturday, 8 November 2008


i've been crazy over ballet pumpssss...... for a loooong time

but unfortunately, i haven't really come across any pumps that makes me feel love at first sight in kuching.....

Nevertheless, i finally discovered a heavenly websites full of pumps that drives me craaaazy. Looking at the prices of the pumps, i couldn't possibly afford them for now though... but at least surfing that site makes me feel like going through an oasis that quench my thirst for a while... i will keep on hunting for my perfect pair till the day i find it or....them? heeh

check the website out if you're interested:

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Once in a blue moon change

Went for a hair cut today and i ended up with this new hair style:-

TC thinks i look like a 100% suku chaboh now. :P
BTW, I am officially on leave starting November. Clearing off the Annual Leave and taking maternity leaves in advance. Gonna be an official BUM!!! Getting kinda excited and nervous.... @_@

Saturday, 11 October 2008


So it's been 4 months++ since i last posted. I am still very much around. I am just lacking inspiration and motivation to blog. :P

Been trying to get use to the busy schedule of after married life.

Having 3 homes to go back to on daily basis is indeed rather tiring apart from the already exhausting weekdays job.

Nevertheless married life is going well generally and little baby in belly is growing fast. He is already 32 weeks old now.

LiChing is back for the weekend and managed to go out and get together with Ivy and Rachel for a nice dinner at Magenta and later cakes at Tom's.

Chatting up a lot of topics and brought back lotsa nostalgia. How time flies...

I am gonna be a mummy in more or less 1 month time!!!